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Ready to ditch the pavement? The Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire is built for beasts, not basic commutes. Think mud-slinging, rock-crawling, take-no-prisoners performance.

Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire: Unleash Your Inner Beast

Let's be honest, if you're eyeing the Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire, you're not about timid grocery runs. You crave the wild, the untamed, the kind of terrain that makes paved roads whimper. These tires? They're your ticket to conquering whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Conquer the Chaos: Why Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 40x13.5-17 Tires Rock

These bad boys (and girls!) are built to take a beating and come back grinning:

  • Mud Monsters: Deep treads and aggressive shoulder lugs chew through mud like it's cotton candy.
  • Rock Stars: Armor-Tek3 construction laughs at sharp rocks that would make lesser tires cry.
  • Surprisingly Civilized: Yeah, they're loud on the highway, but that's half the fun. Don't expect Prius-like quiet, but they're not ear-splitting either.

Are Cooper 40x13.5-17 Tires Worth the Hype?

Here's the thing, if you live life on the pavement, these probably aren't for you. But if...

  • Your weekends are measured in mud, not margaritas...
  • You think "obstacle course" is a fun way to spend a day...
  • You'd rather get stuck in the boonies than stuck in traffic...

...then you and these Coopers might be a match made in off-road heaven.

Best Mud Tires 40x13.5-17: Why These Coopers Make the Cut

Let's not sugarcoat it – great off-road tires ain't cheap. But here's why the Cooper 40x13.5-17s could be worth the splurge:

  • Built Like Tanks: These tires take durability seriously – think fewer flats and more adventure time.
  • All-Season Warriors: Yeah, they're mud champs, but they also handle surprisingly well in snow and rain (bonus!).
  • Value for the Beast: They're not the cheapest out there, but they ain't the most expensive either – a good balance of performance and price.

Get the Inside Scoop: Cooper Tires 40x13.5-17 Review

"I swapped out my old tires for these Coopers, and holy smokes, the difference is night and day. We're talking climbing up stuff I never thought my truck could handle." – Steve H., off-road enthusiast

"Worth every penny. My buddies were shocked at where these tires took me." – Kelly W., weekend warrior

FAQs: Your Cooper Off-Road Tires 40 Inch Questions, Answered

  • Are Cooper Discoverer STT Pros noisy? You betcha! But if you're into that rugged sound, it's music to your ears.
  • How long do they last? It depends on how hard you play, but expect decent mileage compared to similar mud tires.
  • Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs BFGoodrich KM3? Eternal debate. Both are legends, comes down to personal preference.

Should You Bite the Bullet?

If your rig thirsts for adventure, and you want tires that won't quit when the going gets seriously tough, the Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire demands a look. Sure, they'll up your gas bill and make your daily drive a touch louder. But hey, who said getting wild was supposed to be practical?

Aggressive Mud Terrain Tires 40 Inch: Are These Coopers the Right Fit?

We get it – dropping cash on tires is serious business. Let's break down who these Coopers are perfect for:

  • The Hardcore Adventurer: If "road less traveled" is your motto, and you love pushing your truck to its absolute limits, these tires are an investment in epic weekend memories.
  • The "I Gotta Get There" Crowd: Towing in rough terrain? Worksite a muddy mess? These Coopers help ensure you get the job done, no matter the conditions.
  • The DIY Mechanic: Love wrenching on your rig? These tires are built to be pushed hard and still come back for more, letting you experiment without constant worry.

Cooper Tires 40 Inch Price: Worth the Cost?

Price Factors to Consider

  • Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Load Range: Higher load range means higher price (and tougher construction). Figure out your real needs.
  • Where You Buy: Online vs. local shops offer different deals. Shop around!
  • Installation Costs: Don't forget to factor in professional mounting and balancing.

Are they a "cheap 40x13.5-17 mud tire"?

Nope. But remember the old adage: "Buy cheap, buy twice." These Coopers might save you money long-term with better durability.

Cooper Mud Tires for Sale: Where to Score the Best Deal

  • Your Local Tire Shop: Sometimes they can match online prices, plus you get pro advice.
  • Major Online Retailers: Amazon, dedicated tire sites, etc. – watch for sales and free shipping.
  • Cooper Tire Website: Check for rebates or current promotions.

Beyond the Hype: What Real-World Drivers Say

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs BFGoodrich KM3

The rivalry lives on! Here's what folks seem to agree on:

  • Coopers: May have slight edge in deep mud, a touch quieter on-road.
  • BFGs: Slightly better all-rounder, legendary reputation.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what kind of terrain you shred most often.

Unleash the Adventure

The Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire is about way more than just the rubber. It's about:

  • Pushing Boundaries: Your truck's, and maybe your own.
  • Unstoppable Confidence: No more worrying if your tires can handle the challenge.
  • Unleashing Your Wild Side: After all, isn't that what owning a beast of a truck is all about?

Should You Buy Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 40x13.5-17 Tires? Pros and Cons

Let's get real honest here, every tire has its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Unstoppable Off-Road Grip: Whether it's mud, rocks, or dirt, these tires dig in and go.
  • Durability: Think fewer flats and longer life, perfect for those who play rough.
  • Decent On-Road Compromise: Surprisingly manageable for such aggressive beasts.


  • Highway Noise: They sing a loud off-road tune, so don't expect a whisper-quiet ride.
  • Fuel Economy Takes a Hit: All that grip comes at a price at the gas pump.
  • Pricey: These are premium tires, meaning a premium investment.

40x13.5-17 Mud Tires on 20 Inch Wheels: Will They Fit?

Technically, yes, but it'll likely mess with your gearing, handling, and could cause rubbing issues. Not recommended unless you've got the modding skills to make it work.

Cooper Tires 40x13.5-17 for Your Beasts

40 Inch Cooper Tires for Jeep

Jeeps + Cooper STT Pros = iconic off-roading combo. Just remember:

  • Lift Kit Likely Needed: 40s ain't fitting on a stock Jeep without major rubbing.
  • Consider Your Gearing: Jeeps are geared for smaller tires, so you may need to re-gear for proper performance with 40s.

Other Trucks & SUVs

If it's got the clearance, these Coopers will work! Just make sure you've got the lift and gearing to handle these massive tires.

Are These the Right Tires for YOU?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How extreme is my off-roading?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice some on-road comfort?
  • Is durability a top priority?
  • Do I have the budget for premium tires?

If your answers lean towards "Heck yeah!", then the Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire just might be your perfect muddy, rocky, gloriously wild adventure companion.

What to Expect: Real-World Performance

Let's ditch the marketing hype and talk about what you can actually expect from the Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tires:

Deep Mud

  • Verdict: Absolute monsters. The tread design clears mud like a champ, and the sidewall lugs provide extra bite when things get seriously goopy.
  • Real-Life Example: "Pulled my buddy's truck out of a mud hole he swore was bottomless. These Coopers didn't even break a sweat." – Mark A., seasoned mud bogger

Rocks & Gravel

  • Verdict: Surprisingly capable. The tough construction resists cuts and punctures, and the tread pattern offers decent grip on loose rock.
  • Real-Life Example: "Tackled a rocky trail that I usually avoid. These tires took some serious abuse and kept on rolling." – Sarah T., weekend rock crawler

Snow & Ice

  • Verdict: Not their strong suit, but usable. They'll get you through moderate snow, but don't expect dedicated winter tire performance on ice.
  • Real-Life Example: "Got caught in an unexpected snowstorm. Was pleasantly surprised at how well these Coopers handled compared to my old all-terrains."– Jeff B., mountain adventurer

Beyond the Specs: The Little Things That Matter

  • Looks that Kill: Let's face it, these tires look badass. Aggressive, chunky, and ready for anything.
  • Road Feel: Expect some vibration and wandering on the highway, especially at high speeds. It's the nature of the beast.
  • Cleaning: The deep tread can get packed with mud, so be prepared for some extra cleaning after an off-road adventure.

Should You Take the Plunge?

If you're the type of driver who thrives on the thrill of conquering challenging terrain and doesn't mind a bit of a wild ride, the Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tire absolutely deserves a serious look. Just be prepared to accept a few trade-offs in terms of road noise and fuel efficiency. It's all about finding the right balance for your unique adventures!

The Price of Adventure: Budgeting for Your Coopers

Let's be real, grabbing a set of Cooper 40x13.5-17 Off-Road Traction Truck Tires is a commitment. Here's what you need to factor in:

The Tires Themselves

  • Expect to Pay: Prices fluctuate, but generally, you're looking at around $350-$450 per tire. Ouch, right? But remember, quality rubber can save you money long-term.
  • Shop Smart: Compare prices between online retailers and local shops. Sales and special offers do happen!

Installation & More

  • Mounting and Balancing: Figure in an extra $20-$30 per tire for professional installation. Don't skimp here, proper balancing is key with big tires.
  • TPMS Sensors: If your truck has tire pressure monitoring, you might need new sensors compatible with your new wheels/tires.
  • Potential Extras: Upgrading to 40s might mean needing a lift kit, re-gearing, etc. Those costs add up fast.

DIY vs. Pro: Should You Install Yourself?

  • Honesty Check: Do you have the skills, tools, and a buddy to help? These tires are heavy and awkward.
  • Savings vs. Sanity: You might save some cash doing it yourself, but is it worth the potential hassle and safety risks?
  • The Hybrid Option: Some shops let you bring in your own tires and just charge for mounting and balancing.

Long-Term Value: Are These Coopers Worth It?

Here's where it gets personal:

  • How Hard Do You Play? If you're constantly hitting extreme trails, these tires' durability can pay off.
  • Resale Value: A well-maintained truck with quality tires holds its value better.
  • The Intangibles: Confidence, tackling tougher terrain, the sheer joy of owning capable gear... that's worth something too, right?

Making the Smart Choice

There's no single answer to whether these Coopers fit your budget. Ask yourself:

  • Can I realistically afford the full cost (tires, installation, potential upgrades)?
  • Will I truly get my money's worth in terms of how I use my truck?
  • Are there cheaper alternatives that still fit my off-roading needs?

Beyond the Hype: How Do These Coopers Stack Up?

The mud tire market is packed with contenders. Let's see where the Cooper Discoverer STT Pros shine, and where rivals might offer a compelling alternative:

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Similar Beasts

  • BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3: Eternal rivals! BFGs may have the edge in overall versatility, Coopers possibly outshine them in deep mud.
  • Nitto Mud Grappler: Aggressive and capable, Nittos tend to be louder on-road than Coopers.
  • Toyo Open Country M/T: Another excellent choice; Toyos might offer a slight comfort advantage but could give up a bit of ground to the Coopers in the toughest conditions.

When a Different Tread Might Be Better

  • Less Extreme Needs: If you only hit the trails occasionally, a less aggressive all-terrain tire might offer a better compromise.
  • Budget-Conscious Explorers: Several brands offer decent mud tires at lower price points – worth exploring if you don't need the absolute best.
  • Dedicated Rock Crawlers: Specialized rock crawling tires exist if boulders are your primary nemesis.

Beyond the Specs: The "Feels" Matter Too

  • That New Tire Smell: Yeah, it's a thing. There's a certain satisfaction in rolling on fresh, capable rubber.
  • Bragging Rights: Let's be honest, massive mud tires look awesome, and that counts for something.
  • Tackling the Impossible: That feeling when you clear an obstacle you never thought possible... priceless.

The Final Call: Is It Time to Unleash Your Inner Off-Roader?

Only you can answer that! Consider these factors:

  • Your Off-Road Ambitions: Where do you dream of taking your truck?
  • Honesty About Your Needs: Are you truly pushing your current tires to the limit?
  • The Joy Factor: If the thought of these Coopers makes you grin, that's worth listening to.

Sometimes, the smartest choice is also the most thrilling one.

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