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I grew up in the arcade era, coins burning a hole in my pocket. Now an adult with a kid of my own, I'm rediscovering arcade magic. The Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro? It's the closest I've found to the real deal, right at home!

Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro: Transport Your Living Room to the Wild

Picture it: The tension of the hunt, stalking a trophy buck across icy plains. Now, imagine it's happening in your living room! Arcade1Up's Big Buck Hunter Pro pulls it off. It's a full-on arcade experience, faithfully recreating a beloved and addictive hunting classic.

What Makes This Beast So Special?

  • True-to-Life Arcade Experience: Arcade1Up nailed the details. From the light gun rifles to the graphics and sounds, it's pure arcade action.
  • Built for the Ages: This thing's solid. Made to survive even the most excited hunter.
  • 4 Classic Games Included: Relive the glory days of Big Buck Hunter with a whole suite of originals.

Drilling Down

Let's get into the nitty-gritty. I've been playing Big Buck Hunter Pro like it's my job (it kinda is now!), and I've got some insights:


  • Immersion factor: You feel like you're on a hunt. The feedback and light guns are spot-on.
  • Competitive fun: Trash-talking with buddies while blasting virtual bucks? Priceless.
  • Surprisingly compact: For a full-sized machine, it doesn't dominate the room (much).


  • Assembly: Instructions could be clearer. Be prepared for some DIY tinkering.
  • Pricey: Investment alert! But, if you love the arcade original...
  • Limited games: It's all about the buck hunt (though there are those 4 classics).

Is Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Worth It?

That depends. Are you a die-hard Big Buck Hunter fan? Ready to relive those arcade thrills? Then, heck yeah! For casual gamers, the price tag might give you pause.

Let me know what else you'd like to see covered in Stages 3 and beyond. We can get into...

  • Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro Price
  • How Many Games Are On Big Buck Hunter Pro?
  • Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade Machine
  • Can You Add Games To Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter?

What I Like/Dislike about Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro

Let's get real. No product is perfect, and the Big Buck Hunter Pro is no exception.

What I Like:

  • The Nostalgia Factor: Arcade1Up nailed the look and feel of the original. It transports me back to childhood!
  • Social Experience: Competitive hunts with friends are always a blast. Online multiplayer would be the cherry on top, but that's getting wishlist-y.
  • Solid Build Quality: It feels like it'll withstand years of enthusiastic gameplay.

What I Dislike:

  • Assembly Time: Could be more streamlined. I'm handy, but it still took longer than I expected.
  • No Expandability: Being limited to Big Buck Hunter titles is a bit of a bummer for variety seekers.
  • The Price Point: It's undeniably a premium purchase.

Where To Buy Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro

The hunt for the best deal is on! Here's where to snag your own Big Buck Hunter Pro:

Does Big Buck Hunter Pro Have Online Multiplayer?

Sadly, no. Big Buck Hunter Pro is designed for local multiplayer at the moment. It's a missed opportunity in my book, but maybe future updates will surprise us!

Stage 4: Let's Discuss

This is where we can explore some burning questions that readers might have:

Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro Dimensions

Make sure you've got the space! Here's what you're working with:

  • Height: Approx. 5 feet (including riser)
  • Depth: Approx. 2 feet
  • Width: Approx. 2.5 feet

Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade1Up Vs AtGames

AtGames offers the Legends Ultimate in a similar size. Key differences:

  • Price: AtGames usually cheaper, but sacrifices build quality.
  • Game Library: Huge library on AtGames BUT Big Buck Hunter Pro offers the more authentic arcade feel.
  • Focus: Big Buck Hunter Pro is the specialist, AtGames is the generalist.

Let's Get Technical

Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Games List

The core is the Big Buck Hunter experience, but you get a few classics as a bonus:

  • Big Buck Hunter Pro – The star of the show, updated with new adventures.
  • Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season – More hunting challenges await.
  • Big Buck Safari – Shifts the focus to exotic hunts across the globe.
  • Big Buck Safari Outback – Take your hunt Down Under!

Is The Big Buck Hunter Arcade1Up Accurate?

For fans of the original arcade game, it's incredibly close! The developers clearly aimed for authenticity. Minor nitpicks might be the slightly smaller screen, but overall the experience translates beautifully.

What Is The Difference Between Big Buck Hunter Arcade1Up Models?

Arcade1Up does offer a few variations on the Big Buck Hunter theme:

  • Standard Big Buck Hunter Pro: The base model, includes the core games listed above.
  • Deluxe Big Buck Hunter Pro: This adds a marquee, lit riser, and sometimes themed stool.
  • Limited Editions: Occasionally, you'll find special releases with unique cabinet artwork.

Is the Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro Right for You?

Here's my honest take. If you're...

  • A Big Buck Hunter Fanatic: This is a faithful recreation that'll satisfy the itch.
  • Nostalgic for Arcade Days: It delivers that retro rush in spades.
  • Serious About Home Arcades: The build quality is there for the long haul.

But, if you're...

  • On a Tight Budget: There are cheaper home arcade options out there.
  • Seeking Loads of Variety: You might be better off with a multi-game cabinet.
  • Not into Hunting Games: Well, this one might not be for you!

The Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro is an awesome machine, but it's definitely a niche product. If you adore Big Buck Hunter or simply yearn for a slice of that classic arcade excitement, it's a seriously impressive investment. I know mine gets a TON of use!

More Hunting Intel

Where to Find Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro Reviews

Don't trust just me! See what others are saying:

  • YouTube: Tons of unboxing, review, and gameplay videos. Search for "Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro review".
  • Arcade1Up Website: User reviews are mixed, but give you an idea of common praise and issues.
  • Retailer Websites: Big box stores often have customer reviews that offer insights.

Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade1Up Pro Tips

From me to you – a few tidbits to make your hunting experience even better:

  • Lighting matters: Avoid glare on the screen for the most immersive play.
  • Stool Situation: Grab a comfy stool if you're in for long play sessions.
  • Calibration is Key: Follow the setup guide carefully to ensure your light guns are accurate.
  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Gather your hunting buddies for maximum fun!

A Little Something Extra

Did you know? The original Big Buck Hunter arcade machines used actual CRT monitors. That's the old-school tech in those big, bulky TVs. While Arcade1Up's version uses a modern LCD screen, it captures the spirit of those classic displays. It's a little bit of history in your game room!

Wrapping It Up

The Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro is a seriously impressive machine for those who love the thrill of the arcade hunt. While it comes with a hefty price tag and some limitations, the nostalgia and pure fun factor make it a worthy contender for dedicated fans.

What do you think, folks? Is the Big Buck Hunter Pro calling your name? Let me know in the comments below!


FAQs: Quick Answers to Your Burning Questions

  • Are the light guns any good? Compared to old-school arcade guns, they're surprisingly accurate! Some fine-tuning in the settings can help.
  • Can I play other arcade games on Big Buck Hunter Pro? Unfortunately, no. It's designed specifically for the included Big Buck titles.
  • Is there a warranty? Yes, Arcade1Up offers a limited warranty. Check their website for specifics.
  • Can I find it used? Possibly! Sites like eBay or local classifieds might have used machines, but be prepared for higher prices due to demand.

Parting Thoughts: The Hunter's Choice

The Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro isn't for everyone. But, if the thrill of the hunt courses through your veins, and you miss those arcade days, this machine delivers a mighty dose of nostalgia-fueled fun.

Picture this: you, a few friends, and a friendly competition to bag the biggest trophy buck. It's a recipe for simple, classic gaming joy. In a world of complex gaming systems and sprawling online worlds, sometimes stepping back into the shoes of an arcade hunter is exactly what you need.

Over to you! Have you tried the Big Buck Hunter Pro? Share your experiences below!

Addressing a Concern and a Final Call to Action

What About the Noise?

Let's be real, arcade machines weren't known for subtlety. The Big Buck Hunter Pro does have the gunfire sounds, animal calls, and general game audio. Here's the deal:

  • Manageable Volume: You can adjust the volume for less disruptive play.
  • Timing is Everything: Playing late at night? Might be a recipe for frustrated family members!
  • Location Matters: Put it in a basement or game room to minimize noise for the rest of the house.

My Parting Challenge

Don't just read about the Big Buck Hunter Pro – get out there and try it! If you have a local arcade bar or a store with display units, track one down and test your aiming skills. The feel of those light guns in hand just might be the final nudge you need to bring this arcade beast home.

Happy hunting, arcade enthusiasts!

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